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About Us

About Our Company

Your lawn is how your home introduces itself. What is it saying?

We tell the world something about ourselves with the way we keep our outdoor spaces. It is a glimpse into our values, our passions and what brings us joy. At Rivas Landscaping, we want your message to the outside to be a true reflection of your personality and the pride you take in maintaining your property. Let’s work together to make your home deliver its best first impression with a radiant, unique landscape.

A fresh approach to landscaping

Rivas will help awaken the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces.

On a dedicated mission for quality

We strive to take your lawn’s refinement to the next level.






Rivas Landscaping is committed to helping you realize your landscaping objectives. Whether it’s a simple yard cleanup, regular routine maintenance or a full hardscape design implementation, your goals are our goals. You can grow with Rivas.

Rivas Landscaping Makes it Right


Restore a tired yard with cleanup services and enrich your soil with natural mulch.


Reconnect with your outdoor world through engaging hardscapes.


Revitalize compacted lawns with aeration and garden beds with year-round care.


Renew your curb appeal regularly with routine lawn care and maintenance.

Let Rivas Landscaping bring harmony to your yard.