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Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation

Mulch is any material put down over bare soil or around plants that acts as a protective covering. Most forms of mulch are organic materials such as wood shreds or chips, pine needles, shredded leaves, grass clippings, straw, pine straw, and even cocoa bean shells. Alternatively, pebbles and river rock are sometimes used as a ground covering. Manmade materials that do not break down into the soil such as black plastic or shredded tires are also employed as mulch from time to time. 

Mulching services may generate mulch from on-site organic matter or import materials from other sources. Mulch delivery and installation companies often have a selection of mulch options to choose from depending on how much material you need and the look you want to achieve in your landscape. Mulch installation is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your landscape.


Beautiful and Beneficial

Benefits of Mulch Delivery and Installation

Mulch installation has countless benefits. The first and most obvious benefit is the aesthetic appeal it brings to your landscape. Mulch is attractive, and it can elevate the look of any design. When organic mulch is used it degrades over time, allowing you to choose a different mulch style later. This means you are never locked into one look and can change or update the type and color as you please.

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Another significant benefit of mulching is weed reduction. When mulch is laid down, it deprives any weed seeds or seedlings of sunlight, suppressing weed growth. This provides exceptional weed control without having to use any chemical herbicides or tiresome manual labor. While mulching inhibits weeds, it also protects the roots of your plants, shrubs, and trees from excessive temperature fluctuations. A more stable ground temperature helps your vegetation survive and thrive through unpredictable spring and fall temperature swings.

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But the benefits of mulch installation go much deeper than beauty. Mulch is a natural way to prevent erosion and improve moisture retention. The ground cover prevents wind and rain from washing away soil, and at the same time prevents the earth from losing too much water. This makes mulch installation a great benefit from a soil and water conservation perspective, especially during drought or high winds. Mulching services companies can help advise on any specific conservation concerns you have.

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Mulch made from organic materials also helps return nutrients to the soil. As the mulch decomposes it sinks into the ground, acting as a slow and steady compost source. The more nutritious soil encourages earthworm activity. Worms are an excellent (and free) method for spreading nutrients throughout the earth and improving aeration, which reduces soil impaction. This is highly beneficial to the soil and can also help save you money on fertilizer and soil amendments as the earth will naturally be richer and healthier.

Lastly, some forms of mulch deter pests. Cedar bark, for example, is filled with natural oils that many insects find repellant. However, before you begin your mulch installation project you’ll want to consult with a mulching services company. Some types of mulch may increase insect activity, so getting the advice of an expert who is familiar with pest problems in your area may help avoid potential problems.


Mulch Mastery

Why Choose Rivas Landscaping for Mulch Delivery and Installation?

Rivas Landscaping is well versed in many different types of mulch installation. Our mulching services experts can advise what mulch installation will work best for your property according to your goals and environmental considerations. Mulch delivery and installation are areas we are proud to specialize in, and we take pride in creating results our customers love.

Rivas Landscaping is fully bonded and insured. Contact us today to learn more about our mulch delivery and installation services and receive a free estimate.

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Mulching Services Options

Discover Your Mulch Personality

One of the great things about mulch installation is that it comes in so many different forms and colors. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve in your landscape, there is a mulch to help you do it. Hereare the general categories of mulch and what you can expect with each.


Organic Mulch

When mulch is referred to as “organic” it does not necessarily mean chemical-free. In this case, organic means materials that decompose over time. Wood chips and shavings, leaves, grass, straw, and pine straw are all organic matter. When it comes to mulch, the most common forms for landscape enhancement are pine straw and shredded wood. Mulch can be a natural light brown color or can come in a variety of dyed colors to complement the rest of your yard. Specialty colors include varying shades of brown, red, and black.


Natural Inorganic Mulch

Sometimes your situation may call for a long-lasting mulch solution that is still natural. In that case, rock mulch may be the right choice. Pebbles or slightly larger rock mulch will provide the same protective functions of organic mulch including weed suppression, erosion control, and moisture conservation. Rock will eventually get dispersed and need to be refreshed, but it will last longer than mulch that decomposes. Rock mulch is not appropriate for all landscapes, so be sure to consult with your mulching services company before making a decision. If it turns out to not be the right material but you still want the look that stone brings to your landscape, consider adding some hardscape design elements to your yard.


Manmade Mulch

Synthetic options such as landscape fabric, black plastic, or rubber derived from recycled car tires are sometimes the right choice. These materials either do not break down over time or take very long periods of time to deteriorate. Depending on your landscape goals, this may be desirable. Shredded rubber also can resemble wood chips, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution with a natural touch, this may be a good option.

With the myriad of alternatives available, a consultation with a mulch delivery and installation services company like Rivas Landscaping can help you make a better decision.

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