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Landscape Maintenance

After careful planning and hard work, your new landscape design has been implemented, and the results are impressive. But that pristine, manicured look won’t last long without regular maintenance. Landscape maintenance provides on-going care that keeps well-designed outdoor areas looking their best. Landscaping services covered by this type of maintenance include pruning, weeding, edging, mowing, debris removal and more. Properly timed and correctly applied fertilizer and mulch are also essential components of landscape maintenance.

Continuing landscaping services are typically provided weekly to ensure a well-maintained and healthy yard through all four seasons. Not every service is done at each visit. Generally they are performed on an as-needed basis. Some tasks such as mowing, weeding, and edging are usually needed each week. Pruning, trimming, and larger scale debris removal occur as the vegetation grows or as the seasons change. Landscape maintenance is what keeps an attractive landscape design looking great.

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Design Maintenance

What Makes Landscape Design Maintenance a Good Investment?

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Regular landscaping services will keep an existing landscape design under control. Especially during the warmer months, plants and weeds can grow out of control in a short period of time. Invasive plants such as kudzu can grow up to a foot per day. Once persistent weeds take root and begin to multiply, they can be a real challenge to eliminate, turning your healthy, lush lawn into a disjointed bed of weeds. In addition to being an eyesore, uncontrolled weeds will steal sunlight and soil nutrients from grass and other desirable plants. This makes it harder for the vegetation you do want to thrive. Routine landscaping services will target and keep these problem plants under control before they become serious problems.

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Left unchecked, those beautiful, strategically planted bushes will grow as they please. This means they will crowd out other plants and trees, overgrow walkways and stretch over curbs into the street. Regular pruning keeps your bushes properly shaped, maintaining that look you achieved with your original landscape design. However, it’s essential to ensure trimming and pruning is done correctly and at the right time, or it may result in irreparable damage. Professional landscaping services bring with them the experience and expertise to ensure the work is done properly to maintain both the beauty and the health of your landscaping.

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Lawn mowing, especially in the heat of summer, can be a draining, even dangerous task. Mowing should be handled regularly, as grass left to grow too high can shock the roots and damage the grass’s ability to absorb nutrients when it is finally cut. This leads to a brown, unhealthy and struggling lawn. Letting grass grow too high can also invite pests including mice and snakes. Grass cut too often or too short can also result in brown, stressed out plants. Instead of letting your lawn dictate your schedule, you can leave the decision making and physical effort to an expert landscaping services company.

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Landscape maintenance work is time, money and labor intensive. Many homeowners find these additional items on their to-do list beyond what their schedule can handle. It takes time to learn what needs to be done and when. It may also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the equipment required to do the job effectively and efficiently. Given the time and money investment needed to do the work on your own, you may decide that landscape design maintenance is something best left to the professionals. If this is you, call Rivas Landscaping today to schedule a consultation and estimate.

Trim down your to-do list and let Rivas care for your lawn.

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Features of Landscape Maintenance

What to Expect from Landscape Maintenance with Rivas

What can you expect with regular landscape maintenance with Rivas Landscaping? Here’s a rundown of some of the basic services we offer.

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Mowing and Edging

Did you know that different types of grass should be cut to different heights? Or that grass should be cut higher or lower than usual during certain times of the year? The professionals at Rivas know your grass and how to care for it.


Weed Control

Weeds are a troublesome eyesore. They interrupt the smooth flow of a lush lawn and compete with grass for nutrients and sunlight. Controlling weeds and invasive plants through manual or chemical removal is a vital component of landscape maintenance services.


Manmade Mulch

There are proper times and methods for trimming trees and bushes. At Rivas Landscaping, we are dedicated to doing the job right and preserving the health and desirable shape of the trees and shrubs you’ve invested in. We complete pruning and trimming seasonally as well as on an as-needed basis to keep your always-growing vegetation under control.


Debris Removal

Do you have litter, fallen branches, or an abundance of fallen leaves? You won’t have to worry about routine clean up with regular landscape maintenance with Rivas. We will handle it as needed.

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Grass absorbs nutrients from the soil, and that nutrition needs to be replenished or growth will suffer. We will put down fertilizer on a regular seasonal schedule to keep your grass healthy and lush.



Mulching is a great way to control erosion, inhibit weed growth and encourage water conservation. It’s also one of the most attractive ways to accent your landscape design. We will refresh mulch as needed or upon request.

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How to Get Started with Landscaping Services with Rivas

You don’t have to struggle with maintaining your landscape design on your own. Call the professionals at Rivas Landscaping today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

We will review your property’s unique needs and provide a free estimate. We look forward to meeting with you and providing your lawn with the best possible care.

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